Yamaha Timberwolf 250 92-98 Engine Motor Rebuilt

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Part Number: PSN0100-YFB250-9298
Freshly rebuilt Yamaha Timberwolf 250 92-98 powerplant.

We offer a $100 core refund when you return your used engine to us (free of charge!)- return instructions included in packaging.

PowerSportsNation Rebuilt Engines.

Our process:

-Engines are completely disassembled. Cases are hot tanked or pressure washed.

-All rebuilt engines include new piston(s) and rings, new gaskets and seals, new timing chain (where applicable), water pump seal kit (if water pump is part of assembly), new oil filter, and new spark plug(s).

-Heads are refreshed or rebuilt (on a Rottler Head Machine SG7MTS) with the valves adjusted. All heads are checked for trueness and surfaced or planed if necessary. All valves, guides and seats are checked and replaced if needed.

-Cylinders are always overbored to the next size or sent off and replated.

-Crankshafts are inspected. If they are not in excellent or near new condition, they are rebuilt or replaced. If automotive style crank and rods are used in the application, all bearings are replaced. Crankshaft roller bearings are replaced where needed.

-Transmissions (where applicable). All parts are visibly inspected or measured for wear. All bearings, shift forks and gears are replaced where needed. Any other worn internals will be replaced where needed.

-Oil pumps are a crucial component in the build. They are all torn down and inspected. If they don't appear to be near new, they will be rebuilt or replaced.

-Assembly begins after all parts are inspected and the replacement parts are on hand. Each engine is hand built with quality workmanship to insure the longevity of your powerplant. All bolts are torqued to appropriate specs for each engine type.

-The final step in the process here at PSN is to test run your engine. Because of the vast inventory of used parts from our salvage operation we have been able to build test cradles or test rollers. We run 9 out of 10 engines that leave our facility. And are continuing to build towards 100% testing. This helps us catch any issues before they make it to the customer.

Our warranty, in the event that you have an issue. All Sport quads (Ex: YFZ450 or scrambler) or sport side by sides (Ex: RZR) engines carry a 90-day warranty. All Utility ATV and UTV engines carry a 180-day warranty. The first 90 days of warranty covers parts or exchange and labor (max labor coverage-$500, if installed by a professional shop in the industry). The second 90 days covers parts or exchange only. (Excludes sport quads and sport side by sides)

Part Number: PSN0100-YFB250-9298
Year Make Model Submodel
1992YamahaTimberwolf 250YFB250
1993YamahaTimberwolf 250YFB250
1994YamahaTimberwolf 250YFB250
1994YamahaTimberwolf 250YFB250FW 4x4
1995YamahaTimberwolf 250YFB250
1995YamahaTimberwolf 250YFB250FW 4x4
1996YamahaTimberwolf 250YFB250
1996YamahaTimberwolf 250YFB250FW 4x4
1997YamahaTimberwolf 250YFB250
1997YamahaTimberwolf 250YFB250FW 4x4
1998YamahaTimberwolf 250YFB250
1998YamahaTimberwolf 250YFB250FW 4x4

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